Semantic Web in Action (a.k.a Ontology-driven information search, integration and analysis)

Amit Sheth
Semagix, Ltd
LSDIS Lab, The University of Georgia 


Semantics is seen as the key ingredient in the next phase of the Web infrastructure as well as the next generation of information systems applications.

Ontology is the centerpiece of the most prevalent approaches for realizing the Semantic Web, and provides the basis of representing, acquiring and utilizing knowledge.

Ontology-driven techniques and systems have already enabled new generation of Semantic Applications in such markets as bioinformatics, financial services, business intelligence, and national security.  The applications of semantic technologies, in increasing sophistication, range from

In this talk, we present one of the leading edge semantic technologies with origins in academic research (LSDIS Lab’s SCORE technology), that has been commercialized (Semagix Freedom).  Based on some experience in early commercial applications, we outline core functional capabilities that have proved to be important.  This includes the ability to create and maintain large domain and task ontologies (with description base of mulit-million objects), automatic classification, automatic semantic metadata extraction and enhancement, and high performance semantic query processing.  From a research perspective, we outline the shift from documents and entities to simple and complex relationships and current investigations in semantic association discovery from heterogeneous data.   We end with research challenges and early results in supporting demanding analytical applications involving knowledge discovery being performed as part of NSF funded research projects.  An early application of this technology was a passenger threat assessment prototype developed for NASA; more recent customers include the likes of Citigroup and Fannie Mae, and partners include the likes of IBM and SAIC.

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