A tour of 3D virtual environment projects developed by DigitalSpace, NASA and RIACS (2000-2004)

Bruce Damer
343 Soquel Avenue, # 70
Santa Cruz CA 95062-2305 USA


Now in its fifth year of development, BrahmsVE is a new platform for web-based multi-user 3D visualization, simulation and training created by a consortium of partners including DigitalSpace, NASA Ames, and RIACS. BrahmsVE is driven by Brahms, an agent-based work practice simulation architecture consisting of a server, authoring environment and two client visual interfaces, one of which was developed by DigitalSpace in cooperation with Adobe utilizing its recently launched Atmosphere web3D platform.

Applications that will be presented (with the application domain) include:

  1. SimHab: work-practice modeling of life aboard the FMARS and MDRS analog Mars Habitats (work practice and mission concept design)
  2. ISS interior treatment with the Personal Satellite Assistant (design exercise)
  3. SimStation Online: a current project to map 3D Space Station builds visualization to databases and documents (knowledge management)
  4. Drive On Mars: realistic modeling of the two MER rovers on traverses on a virtual Mars with real pancam imagery and terrain (outreach, mission conceptualization)
  5. Mojo Mars: total planetary terrain re-construction from MOLA data sets (visualization)