Proceedings of the

NASA Virtual Iron Bird Workshop

March 31 - April 2, 2004

The workshop took place from March 31 to April 2, 2004. Proceedings were published on a website at the NASA Ames Research Center, with PDFs and videos of the presentations. Recordings were made with the Quindi software which cross referenced Powerpoint slides to video timestamps.

Unfortunately, a few years later NASA deleted the website and was unable to find any backups. This was doubly bad for all the authors, as their citations ceased to work.

At the end of 2021 I discovered a DVD copy of the media files while cleaning out my garage. This website is not a direct copy of the original, it's updated to be a compendium of all of the material from the workshop. Also, the Quindi software is long obsolete, so videos have been converted. Original email addresses are also obsolete so working links have been inserted.

Julian E Gómez, PhD
Workshop organizer
April 2022


preliminary Call for Participation

final Call for Participation

Day 1 - NASA Ames Research Center

author title abstract paper slides
David Maluf Keynote abstract paper presentation
Digital Shuttle
Paul Keller Digital Shuttle abstract paper presentation
Digital Shuttle and Simulation
Mark Shirley et al SimStation: A Knowledge-Integrating Virtual Vehicle abstract paper presentation
David Throop Reconciler: Matching Terse English Phrases abstract paper slides
Knowledge Management
Amit Sheth Semantic Web in Action (a.k.a Ontology-driven information search, integration and analysis) abstract paper presentation
Richard Keller Model-based Knowledge Management for Distributed Workteams abstract paper slides
Dallas Noyes A comparison of Approaches to Knowledge Representation in Computer systems abstract paper presentation
Michael Abbott DISTRIBUTED SOURCES OF TRUTH: A Common View? abstract paper slides
Ramana Rao Next Generation Text Processing for Knowledge Management abstract paper presentation
3D Graphics, Visualization, and Collaboration
Julian Gomez Web3D Consortium CAD3D Working Group abstract paper slides
Alan Hudson et al Adopting Open 3D Graphics Standards and Open Source APIs for Project Application Longevity abstract paper presentation
Bruce Damer A tour of 3D virtual environment projects developed by DigitalSpace, NASA and RIACS (2000-2004) abstract paper presentation
Denis Gracanin User Specific Data Visualization in Collaborative Virtual Environments abstract paper slides
Alicia Torregrosa et al Geographic Ontologies: USGS celebrates 125 years from a 21st Century perspective abstract paper presentation
Virtual Vehicles
Ahmed K. Noor Intelligent Virtual Iron Bird Portal abstract paper slides
Cirrus Shakeri Engineering Ontologies & Knowledge Management abstract paper presentation
Michael Schlenkrich et al Vehicle Simulation Management Industry Examples abstract paper presentation
Constance Adams ISS Health Maintenance System (HMS): Operational and Technical Design Challenges abstract paper presentation
R.G. Belie Virtual Iron Birds - Meeting the Aviation Information Challenge abstract paper presentation
Peter Robinson et al Realtme Knowledge Management (RKM) – From an International Space Station (ISS) Point of View abstract paper slides

Day 2 - Naval Postgraduate School

author title abstract paper slides extras
John Hiles Keynote abstract paper presentation
Amit Sheth et al Semantic Visualization: Interfaces for exploring and exploiting ontology, knowledgebase, heterogeneous content and complex relationships abstract paper presentation
Richard M. Keller et al Developing Visualization Techniques for Semantics-based Information Networks abstract paper presentation
Julian E. Gómez 3D Graphics as an IT Application abstract paper presentation
Peter I. Robinson et al Synthesizing 3D Surfaces from Parameterized Strip Charts abstract paper presentation
Paul Brewster Advanced Interfaces for Virtual Environments abstract paper presentation video
Nicholas F. Polys et al Information-Rich Virtual Environments: Challenges and Outlook abstract paper presentation
Bruce Damer et al Data-Driven Virtual Environment Assembly and Operation abstract paper presentation
Daniel L. Rubin et al Linking Ontologies with Three-Dimensional Models of Anatomy to Predict Physiological Effects of Penetrating Injuries abstract paper presentation
Mike Uschold et al Semantics-Based Virtual Product Models: Unifying Knowledge and Product Data abstract paper presentation
Cirrus Shakeri Knowledge Modeling, Ontologies, and Meta-modeling abstract paper presentation
JohnRobert Gardner An Infrastructure for Information Discovery and Secure Knowledge Sharing abstract paper presentation